Top Tip Of The Week

Has your article been rejected? Don’t give up on it.

As a writing tutor, I’ve met and corresponded with many different writers, who have many different experiences to share. One common factor every one of those writers shares, me included, is rejection of an article, short story, filler etc. But sometimes a change in editor can bring about hope for that same piece. I know a number of writers who have had work rejected by various magazine editors. These writers heard about a change in editor so they bought an up-to-date copy of the respective magazine, tweaked their original work to fit in with the current magazine and sent it off again. The result? Acceptance!


I’m away now for a few weeks. Happy Easter break to you all!








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2 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Charles Norman says:

    Have a great time, Esther

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