Lots of Limericks!

Last week, I challenged you to write a limerick and lots of you took up that challenge. A huge thank you to you all. There were some brilliant limericks. I really don’t think I could pick a winner but perhaps you can? I promised I would publish them on my blog, so here they are. Please read them all; they’re fantastic. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to write one 🙂

Keith Channing:

An author from far Syracuse

was commissioned to write for his muse.

Just writing his blog

was enough of a slog,

but he couldn’t afford to refuse.


Tom Orchard-Webb:

There once was an elephant from Asia,

Whose trunk would bloody amaze ya;

It was two-hundred feet long,

And when he whistled a song,

It was heard from Moscow to Malaysia!


Phil Ireland:

I looked at my wife on a whim,

Offering an appealing grin,

Shot down with a stare,

That said don’t even dare,

I knew she would never give in.


D Mauldin:

An essential oil, such as, Lavender,

Is something I would order,

A bunch of, a truckload.

It is widely used abroad.

Lavender, I completely surrender!


Easter Ellen:

I sat with my pencil and paper

Creativity gone like a vapour

Then thoughts came in a flurry

As my hands rushed to hurry

My task now a delightful, new caper


A Second one from Easter Ellen:

When my soul hit the depths of its hell

I hid; cocooning myself in a shell

I found paper and pen

Healing balm in this zen

Writing by faith, I am heading to “well”



There once was a poet named Dave

who lived near the cliffs in a cave

searching for a rhyme

he slipped on some slime

and fell to his watery grave


Susan Irene Fox:

There was a pert blogger named Esther

Who challenged her readers to best her.

“A limerick,” she enticed,

“to pump up the spice;

“the cleverest will be the winner.” 


Christopher Farley:

A wannabe writer called Chris

Left Old Blighty to live with the Swiss

Upon crossing the mountains

he discovered, just like fountains

words started to flow, not just drip.



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8 Responses to Lots of Limericks!

  1. Laughed out loud at Keith’s and Tom’s, but they’re all a delight!

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  3. Ayo Oboro says:

    I loved Tom and Eddy’s. Good job guys.

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