Top Tip Of The Week

Written Warning!

I’ve written about the importance of following the rules when entering a writing competition before. One very important rule to take notice of is the closing date of the competition. If this is the 30th April, for example, don’t leave it to that date to send your entry off. Some competitions will accept an entry as long as it’s postmarked with the closing date but not all do. Why leave it to chance anyway? It’s far better to make sure your entry is sent off in plenty of time and then at least it’ll be read, with you standing the same chance as everyone else for it to win. If your entry is late, it won’t even be read and then you’ve no chance of winning.

E-mail entries make it easier to ensure your entry is sent in time but there are still numerous writing competitions which only accept entries by post.

Talking of competitions, I set a limerick writing challenge on my blog yesterday. Several writers have taken up the challenge and produced some fantastic limericks. I’ll be posting them all on my blog next week so get your limerick lines limbered up and send me one!







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2 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Gloria Roberts says:

    I’m enjoying following your blog and it is stirring in me the desire to get back on my course work. Same will follow very soon. Keep ‘em coming!

    Gloria Roberts (702162)

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