There Was A Young Man From…

I’ve written a couple of humorous poems about writing over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d try a limerick this week:


There was a young writer from Reading,

Whose writer’s block did his head in;

It kept him up all night,

And still no words in sight,

So he became a tester for bedding.


It’s not particularly very good, so I’d like to challenge you to write me a far better one. All you need to remember is that limericks have five lines, where the first, second and fifth lines rhyme, with seven to ten syllables in each line. The third and fourth lines rhyme with each other and these lines have five to seven syllables in each line.

So get writing!

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25 Responses to There Was A Young Man From…

  1. An author from far Syracuse
    was commissioned to write for his muse.
    Just writing his blog
    was enough of a slog,
    but he couldn’t afford to refuse.

  2. There once was an elephant from Asia,
    Whose trunk would bloody amaze ya;
    It was two-hundred feet long,
    And when he whistled a song,
    It was heard from Moscow to Malaysia!

  3. Phil Ireland says:

    I looked at my wife on a whim,
    Offering an appealing grin,
    Shot down with a stare,
    That said don’t even dare,
    I knew she would never give in.

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  5. dmauldin53 says:

    I loved this challenge and look forward to more! Here is my limerick:

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    • Two limericks! Fantastic. Thank you for taking up the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed both and will post them on my blog next week. If you have any other ideas, please write some more!

  7. eddy says:

    There once was a poet named Dave
    who lived near the cliffs in a cave
    searching for a rhyme
    he slipped on some slime
    and fell to his watery grave

  8. There was a pert blogger named Esther
    Who challenged her readers to best her.
    “A limerick,” she enticed,
    “to pump up the spice;
    “the cleverest will be the winner.”

  9. An wannabe writer called Chris
    Left Old Blighty to live with the Swiss
    Upon crossing the mountains
    he discovered, just like fountains
    words started to flow, not just drip.

    Good evening Esther 😀

  10. excuse the “an” – it started out as “an unpublished writer..” – I know, I know; first rule of writing… 🙂

  11. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee says:

    A Limerick I sat down to write,
    They say it doesn’t take much might.
    It can be complex or very simple,
    Either a tumour or a pimple!
    I just need to get the rules right.

  12. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee says:

    There was a guy in the heart of a girl,
    Each sight of his would make her twirl.
    She thought it was a crush
    He would always make her gush
    She dreamt of them doing a romantic swirl.

  13. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee says:

    Blocked is my head, nothing comes to mind,
    Ideas play hide and seek, my brain wants to unwind.
    I am growing impatient and restless.
    An empty mind equals breathlessness.
    Could the solution be a pause and thorough rewind?

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