A Writer’s Craft

A lot of you enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek poem, ‘Things I’d Love An Editor To Say‘, so I thought I’d work on another. Hope you like it:


A Writer’s Craft


Where is the best place to sit and write?

Out in the sunshine, with glorious views in sight,

Or stuck inside, computer to hand,

Though surely a desert island would be grand?


Do you have the luxury of time?

To take hours and hours to search for that perfect rhyme,

Or do you squeeze it in here and there,

At lunch or if the boss is away if you dare.


Are you hoping for that lucky break?

To pay for caviar instead of the odd steak,

Do you hope you’ll be the next J.K,

Or is a complimentary copy your payday?


Do you go to work on your next piece?

Or does your obsession with the postman not cease,

Until that bit of work has come back,

With words of wonder or that you haven’t quite got the knack.


When all’s said and done,

The life of a writer is not an easy one.

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8 Responses to A Writer’s Craft

  1. Ramesh says:


    • Thank you, Ramesh. How are you? Hope your writing is going well 🙂

      • Ramesh says:

        Hi Esther, good to hear from you as always:).
        My writing is going alright, although I wish I was spending more time on it. Would love to have your comments on my recent blog posts:))

        Look forward to reading more of yours.

  2. mihrank says:

    classical and piece of Art!

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