My Writing Week

I’ve been working on a commissioned article for a cat magazine this week. It’s involved quite a lot of research, which I always love doing. Though, with research, it’s important not to get carried away and to spend too long sifting through facts, figures and points of interest. Otherwise that article won’t ever get written and that deadline will be looming ever closer.

The market I’ve looked into for you this week and being added to my ‘More Markets For Freelancers‘ page is ‘Real People‘ and specifically its ‘Big Bob’s Treasure Hunt!’ page.

‘Real People’ is a woman’s weekly, packed with true-life stories, from tales of suffering with a mystery illness, to surprising a loved one, to a day out going wrong. If you have a personal story you’d like to share, it could earn you up to £2000! To find out more, take a look at the following link:

However, selling a true-life story isn’t for everyone but the magazine also has the filler opportunity I mentioned at the beginning. ‘Bob’s Big Treasure Hunt’ is spread over a page and a half and features around five photos of items readers have written in about. Often the items are heirlooms passed down or something a reader has picked up at a car boot sale or charity shop. In a recent copy of the magazine, one of the items was a vintage chair and another some Edwardian vases. The writer provides as much information about the item as possible and auctioneer, Bob Hayton, places a value on it, together with some further information about the item. Sometimes, the magazine also uses the advice of  TV show, Bargain Hunt’s, Tim Wonnacott.

£25 is paid for each letter and photo published.

You can send your photo and letter through the website:



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