Things I’d love an editor to say…

Yesterday, I wrote about receiving a rejection and how rejection is something we have to accept as writers. I don’t know of any writer, whether he/she’s famous or not, who hasn’t had a piece of work rejected. Though, it doesn’t hurt to dream:


Things I’d Love an Editor to Say


 Please, please won’t you write for my magazine?

I’ll pay you a fortune to keep you keen,

For cash and copy you’ll not have long to wait,

I can give you a publication date.


There is no need to send an SAE,

I would never reject your work, you see,

You’ll always hear from me by return post,

For you are the writer I admire the most.


That J.K. Rowling has nothing on you,

Shakesphere and Dickens can both join the queue,

For you, it will be bestsellers galore,

Leaving your many fans begging for more.


I thought you needed me more than I you,

It just shows I no longer have a clue,

I’ll do anything for you, all for free,

When you make a mint, just remember me.




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10 Responses to Things I’d love an editor to say…

  1. skipmars says:

    Since your are in the industry, as Edward Bloom said to his son’s fiance, “Then you know!” Here’s a link to a list of 30 famous authors who were routinely rejected by publishers, agents, et. al.: Perhaps it will be an encouragement to someone.

    Rejection letters and notifications make for wonderful bathroom wallpaper, by the way.

  2. Charles Norman says:

    Very good! You could try saying some of those things to me! (One of your students. ;-)). )

  3. Haha! Don’t we all wish those editors would say all those things? 🙂

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