Top Tip Of The Week

Sidebars, Sideboxes, Boxouts, Fact Files and Further Information Panels

These are all names given to additional information in an article. You’ll often see them in a box at the end of an article or down the side of an article. Travel articles, in particular, use them to provide extra details such as prices, places to stay, places to visit, contact details etc.

You don’t need to place the information in a box yourself, just add the information to the end of your article headed up ‘Further Information’ and it’ll be clear to the editor.

If your target market doesn’t use them, you don’t need to worry but if the magazine you’re sending your work to does, then it’ll enhance your chances of acceptance to include one.


For once, the sun is out and it looks set to stay that way over the weekend. Have a good one:



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