The ABC Of Article Writing Part 9

Part 9 is the final part in my ‘ABC‘ of ideas for articles series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it useful.

  • Y is for yesteryear or more precisely, your yesteryear. There are a number of publications which invite articles about your schooldays, food, toys, holidays, shops, jobs and many other memories from the past. So dig out those old photos and dust off the cobwebs of the mind. Not only could you find yourself taking a pleasant (and humorous if your haircuts were anything like mine!) trip down memory lane, you could earn from it too.
  • is for zodiac. Perhaps you have a fascination with astrology and horoscopes. Or know someone who does. Maybe you could interview him/her. There are lots of magazines out there dedicated to this subject and plenty of other publications which feature sections on this topic. Some want more knowledgeable pieces whilst others feature true-life stories and experiences.

Z is also for Zumba:



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2 Responses to The ABC Of Article Writing Part 9

  1. mihrank says:

    wow – well done!

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