My Writing Week

Although I took a week off from my blog, I was still tutoring throughout the week, mixed in with motherly duties such as baking giant cookies and be taken on adventures on the X-box! We also managed a few trips out but now it’s nose to the grindstone with plenty of deadlines lurking on the horizon for early March. 

My market for you this week (on the More Markets For Freelancers Page) is The Berkhamsted Writing Competition. The closing date isn’t far away (4th April 2014) but as the maximum word limit is only 1000 words, you’ve plenty of time to write a short story. The competition has a set theme of ‘Beginnings’ but that theme is open to interpretation any way you like!

Themed competitions instantly set you thinking. What does the word ‘beginnings’ conjure up? A new baby being brought into the world? A fresh start after a divorce? A new job? There are all sorts of possibilities, which will make for a compelling story.

If you miss this year’s competition, there’s always next year!

To find out more, click on:




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8 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. missL says:

    Thanks for the link. Also, what is an Xbox adventure?


  2. Plenty of scope there Esther. I need a writing competition springboard, sooner or later I must get up the courage to start. Maybe, just maybe…


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