My Writing Week

As it’s half-term next week and I’ll be dividing my time between work and motherhood duties, it’s been a frantic week to say the least. I haven’t managed to send out seven pieces of work, as I did this time last week, but I’m up to five so that’s not bad going.  

My market for you this week is women’s magazine,  ‘Yours‘ and their fiction pages. As always, this will be posted onto my markets page and in this instance it’s going to be added to the ‘More Markets For Freelancers Page‘.

‘Yours’ is a fortnightly publication, aimed at women aged 50+. Fiction Editor, Marion Clarke confirms that ‘we are always pleased to receive short story submissions’. However, as she only publishes one story per issue and receives over a hundred per month it’s one of the toughest women’s fiction markets to break into.

If you do want to write for this market, it’s a good idea to take a look at their guidelines which give comprehensive details on how to set your script out, subjects to avoid, as well as other useful tips.

 You can download their guidelines from:   

 Manuscripts can be sent by post to:

Short Stories

Yours Magazine

Bauer Media

Media House

Peterborough Business Park



Or by e-mail:



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2 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Oh how this pic cracked me up. Looks like my sisters and I reading the paper. They might not like the analogy, I find it amusing though!! Enjoy your day.

    Contemplating writing a piece…..need encouragement!!

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