The ABC Of Article Writing Part 7

  • S is for spooky stories. If you like tales of the paranormal, there are lots of publications dedicated to anything and everything unexplained. The editors are always interested in well-researched articles, from UFO sightings, to myths about strange, terrifying creatures, to ghostly tales of old.
  • T is for true-life tales. All of the women’s weeklies publish true-life stories on all sorts of aspects of readers’ lives, from overcoming a life-threatening illness, to a special family celebration, to weight-loss stories, and much more. A lot of the women’s monthlies also publish real-life stories, often with a focus on life-changing events. The weekend newspaper supplements are also another outlet for true stories.
  • U is for United Kingdom. UK history, like all countries’ histories, is very important and there are plenty of magazines to inform readers wanting to know more about it. A lot of these require specialist knowledge but if you can demonstrate that you can provide well-researched articles, together with quotes from experts, you could find a way in, especially if you can write about an event, person etc from a different angle and offer the publication something new. As well as history, there are magazines about all sorts of aspects of the UK, past and present, from its shops, transport, memorabilia, sport, people and so on.

Bless, I don’t think this chap will be featured in any stories about ‘strange, terrifying creatures’ anytime soon!


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