My Writing Week

I wanted to bring more structure to my writing week so I’ve devised a daily plan. So far, it’s going well, with seven pieces of work sent out, lots of editing painstakingly achieved with regards to my children’s books and research underway into another writing project. We’ll see if I can stick to it – at least until next week!

My market for you and added to  my ‘More Markets For Freelancers’ page is the ‘My Weekly‘ tips page, ‘Bright Ideas‘. In each issue, around 5 tips are featured. Recent topics covered include an old woollen hat which was made into a tea cosy and the idea of using a hairdryer to blow the dust off a coal fire.

Photos to accompany the tip are a must.

The tips themselves need only be around 30 words in total. 

£25 is paid for each tip used.

Tips can be sent by e-mail to and type ‘Bright Ideas’ in the subject line.


Though, I’m not sure this tip for what to do with left over cabbage leaves will catch on…




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