The ABC Of Article Writing Part 6

My weekly series on ideas for articles now focuses on ‘PQR’:

  • P is for pregnancy and birth. There are numerous magazines on the market covering all aspects from pregnancy, to birth, to afterwards and raising children. Topics such as fashion, diet, exercise, healthy body and mind, pain relief and many more are covered. A lot of the articles are written by experts but many of them also use true life experiences, tips pieces and reviews so there are plenty of opportunities.
  • Q is for quirky. Let’s take the subject of travel. Editors receive hundreds of travel pieces featuring well-known destinations. So, if you can write about somewhere that holiday makers are less familiar with, your article will stand out. Or you can take a well-travelled destination but write about it from an unusual angle or unearth something that not many people will know and base your article around that e.g. perhaps a village still carries out a tradition that’s hundreds of years old or a town may have some odd customs that you could research. You could even write a piece about where some famous celebrities originated from. You could have a theme e.g. film stars, authors etc and research their home towns and the places of interest in each. This doesn’t just apply to travel but other subjects regularly featured in articles such as animals, hobbies, nostalgia, health and so on.
  • R is for running. Running/jogging is a popular way to keep fit and you’ll find magazines dedicated to helping people achieve their goals, from the serious competitor, to the fun-runner, to the fitness fanatic, to the almost lackadaisical runner. If you’ve challenged yourself to run as far as you can in 24 hours for charity or you can write an article offering tips for coping with sports injuries, try writing for one of them. 


I don’t think this chap’s a natural runner!




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