My Writing Week

By the end of Monday, my shoulders were right up by my ears and I was shaking my head, sure that this week was going to be one of those weeks. But, up bright and early Tuesday morning, I took a deep breath and decided to forget about Monday and to start afresh. It’s not always easy but it works. Two days on and I’m achieving my goals.

Whether it’s your first piece in print or your hundredth, it’s always a good feeling to see your work published. It makes you feel that despite all the hard work and all those rejections, it’s all worth while. I had that feeling at the end of last week when my latest children’s story was published in ‘The People’s Friend’. Reading it through, it’s now given me an idea for another story.

My market for you this week and going into my ‘More Markets For Freelancers‘ page is ‘Orbis’, a small press magazine. Editor, Carole Baldock, welcomes poems, prose and features (ideas in the first instance for the latter). The magazine is UK based, but Carole is happy to receive work from overseas writers. See the website for more details about how to send scripts and for further information:

To see past issues on-line, click on the following link:

There is a Readers’ Award in each issue, earning the winner £50 and a further £50 is split between four runners-up.




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