Top Tip Of The Week

Slow down!

With life as hectic as it is, writing often has to be slotted in around the day job, family life, housework etc. So sending pieces of writing off is often something of a rush. Slow it down. If you’re hoping to catch the last post and send your competition entry off, or are about to go out and just need to e-mail your article, pause for a moment. Have you included the cheque with your competition entry? What about your article? It’s so easy to send the covering e-mail and forget to attach the actual article. You may be lucky and have a kind hearted competition secretary or editor/editorial assistant who asks you for the cheque/article but most are far too busy to chase up mistakes like this.

A couple of minutes extra to check that you’ve sent everything as required could be the difference between winning a competition or having your entry disqualified straight away. In the case of an article, it could be the difference between being published or your e-mail simply being deleted because there was no article attached.


If you’ve had a week like this fella, hope you’re weekend’s a good one 🙂



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2 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Kev says:

    That’s what I feel like lmao!

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