The ABC Of Article Writing Part 5

Now it’s the turn of ‘MNO’ in my weekly series:

  • M is for marriage. We’re often told that marriage is dead, with divorce rates rising but you’d never think it from the plethora of wedding magazines available – ‘Weddings’, ‘Brides’, ‘You and Your Wedding’, ‘Your Wedding’, ‘Wedding Fever’, Wedding Cakes’ – on and on the list goes. Each magazine is packed full of advice so if you have experience in any area linked to a wedding – flower arranging, printing, cake making and decorating, dress making etc, you may be able to write an article for a wedding magazine. Many of the magazines also feature actual weddings. So if your wedding was held somewhere out of the ordinary or you were taken to the church in a vehicle with a difference, one of the magazines may well like to hear about it.
  • N is for nature. Do you like the great outdoors? Perhaps you’re a keen photographer and like to take photos of plants, birds and other wildlife. Some high quality photos and an article about the subjects of the photos may result in a sale. There are plenty of magazines dedicated to the subject of nature. A lot of county magazines also feature articles about nature in their particular areas. These include places, walks and wildlife.
  • O is for operation. A lot of the women’s weeklies have health pages inviting true stories about operations and any other health issues. If you have had an unusual illness or operation, any of the magazines will want to hear from you. A number of the women’s monthlies also publish health and operation pieces.

Though hopefully you’re operation was a little different to this pair’s:


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