My Writing Week

What can I say? Third week into January and things are going pretty well, with deadlines met and some new writing opportunities in the pipeline. Only another 49 weeks to go and then I’ll have had a cracking year! I hope your year is going well so far.

As promised, I’ve started a new page, ‘More Markets For Freelancers’ as the ‘Markets For Freelancers’ page was getting a little on the long side. The first market to add to this is ‘Prima‘ and its fiction story. ‘Prima‘ is a monthly women’s magazine with only one story published in each issue. Though, it’s not a market to be ignored as every story is read and if you can write a heart-warming, feel-good story in under 700 words, then you’re in with a chance.

I would advise reading a few issues and stories to get a feel for them and to check that word count. When they first started a fiction slot a number of months ago, the word limit was 1000 words whereas it’s now been reduced to 700. Additionally, there was a prize if your story was published but they now pay £100. Again, this may change so do check.

Stories can be sent by e-mail to:

You’ll need to include your name, age, address, phone number and a photo of yourself.







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5 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. Will they accept stories from Irish writers or is it UK only writers, as I’ve come up against this wall once or twice.

  2. Kev says:

    Better watch that mouse. 😉

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