The ABC Of Article Writing Part 4

After ‘GHI’ comes ‘JKL’:

  • J is for jobs. Those of you fortunate enough to earn your living through writing can ignore this, but for the majority of writers, earning untold riches from best-selling novels, screenplays etc remains a dream and so a day job is a necessity. Have you thought about writing about your day job? Perhaps you’re a bank manager. There are plenty of finance publications out there, which welcome knowledgeable pieces from experts. Or your job may involve holistic healing. This is an expanding market with many people turning to alternative medicine. Articles on this subject are featured in all sorts of magazines ranging from the women’s glossies, to health publications, to the general interest market.
  • K is for kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms…well, any room in the house in fact. The D.I.Y explosion came about a number of years ago now but is still hugely popular and there are numerous magazines to prove it. Many of them accept freelance submissions especially if you have renovated an unusual property, added something a little different to your home etc. 
  • is for love. Did you meet your partner on holiday and managed to make a long distance relationship work? Maybe you literally bumped into one another while at the ice rink. Whatever the story, the women’s weeklies and monthlies always like to hear about a romantic story and the more unusual the better!


L is also for looks…though this poor chap couldn’t be called the best looking. Bless!



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2 Responses to The ABC Of Article Writing Part 4

  1. Kev says:

    Not a relative then, I take it. 😉

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