My Writing Week

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already; it only feels like Tuesday. But at least it’s that way round. It’s awful when it’s only Tuesday and it feels like Wednesday or even Thursday!

My writing week has been going smoothly so far, with several pieces sent out and the ideas are flowing well. A good start to the year – well, it is only the middle of January so we’ll see if it continues!

My market for you this week is the woman’s weekly, Chat and their letters page, ‘We hear you!’ I’ll be adding this to the ‘Markets For Freelancers’ pagethough as it’s getting a little long, a new markets page will be starting soon. 

The letters page typically publishes five/six letters each week. These can vary from a photo of the reader taken years ago, together with an  explanation of the photo, to photos of funny signs, to letters about articles and issues covered in previous issues, to funny true-life incidents, to gripes about anything and everything, to photos of children, animals, family etc accompanied with some text. So there’s something for everyone there.

The magazine pays for letters. 

To find out more about the magazine, visit the website:

Letters and photos can be sent via e-mail to:

So, if you see a sign like the following whilst on your travels, take a photo and send it to Chat:




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