The ABC Of Article Writing Part 3

This week, it’s the turn of ‘GHI’:

  • G is for gardening. Many of us tend our gardens as a necessity but for others, it’s a labour of love. Just look along the shelves of the newsagents’ and you’ll see a vast number of gardening magazines offering advice, from what to plant when, to different seasons in the garden, to how to have the perfect lawn. Some are written solely in-house and by recognised gardening experts but there are plenty out there who invite articles from freelance writers, especially if you can offer something a little different. It’s not just advice about plants and vegetables that gardening magazines are looking for, they also cover articles on wildlife in the garden, garden furniture, decking, garden rooms etc.
  • H is for ‘How-to’. Numerous magazines feature articles giving step-by-step advice on anything from ‘how to de-clutter your house’, to ‘how to make a fancy-dress outfit for your child’, to ‘how to cope with stress’. You may work in a bank and be able to offer a ‘how to save money in ten easy steps’ piece to a finance or general interest publication or perhaps you’re a personal trainer and can write a ‘how to get fit in two weeks’ article for a health and fitness publication. 
  • I is for interest. All of us have an interest, whether it’s horse riding, cross stitch, collecting teddy bears or bungee jumping. What’s more, there’s usually a magazine for your interest (well, I’m not sure about bungee jumping!). Many of these accept freelance work. You don’t even have to write about your own interest. I interviewed my father about his Wisden Cricket book collection and a magazine on collecting snapped it up.


Another ‘I’ for you is ‘inspiration’. Here’s an inspirational quote to set you on your way:





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2 Responses to The ABC Of Article Writing Part 3

  1. I am enjoying your ABC of writing blog, keep it going. very helpful 🙂

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