My Writing Week

After the excitement of Father Christmas and parties for New Year, I thought it would take me a while to dust off my writing hat and set to work again. But it’s actually been quite refreshing to get back to it and the break has given me the opportunity to let my mind work at ideas so I’m now raring to go. I hope your writing year is getting off to a good start.

I have an e-zine for you this week, which will be added to my ‘Markets For Freelancers’ page. Spinetingler Magazine recognizes that it isn’t easy to get published in today’s competitive world and so they are particularly encouraging to new writers.

Writers’ guidelines and more about the magazine can be found on their website: but, as a brief summary, they’re looking for stories of between 1500-3000 words in the following genres: mystery, suspense, horror, crime and thriller. You can read published stories on the website to give you an idea of what they’re looking for in a story.

A small payment is made for each story published. They do accept stories of under 1500 words but no payment is made for these.

Please read their comprehensive submission guidelines thoroughly before sending a story.


Here’s a scary picture certain to start the ideas flowing for a chilling story, full of menace…or not!



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7 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. Love the picture!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kev says:

    “Don’t mess with me!” lol

    • Happy New Year, Kev! I tried to leave a comment on your book cover page photo but WordPress seemed to be having a funny five minutes so I couldn’t. Love the cover though.

      • Kev says:

        Thanks Esther. It is being published today, I’m just waiting to hear confirmation from Amazon and I will post more about it. 🙂

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