Top Tip Of The Week

Most of us are rushing around, trying to meet deadlines at work, grabbing last minute presents, planning Christmas menus, dashing off to nativity plays and pantomimes etc. So my tip for you this week is to stop for a minute and to give yourself a break. Think about the last few Christmases – somehow it all came together and the same goes for this year. And remember to enjoy it – even if Auntie Mabel buys you a box of scented lavender hankies for the sixth year running and your other half buys you a new iron or a pack or screw drivers as that ‘special present’ 😉

It’s nearly time to choose the winner of the ‘Most Hideous Jumper Ever Award’. Some late entries have entered the running:


ImageI just love the pose!


ImageSo ‘tasteful’!


ImageAnd this one’s worn by Father

Christmas himself!



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4 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Kev says:

    You’ve got to love ’em! lol

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