The ABC of Article Writing

Recently, I’ve devoted more time to short stories than articles. So over the next few weeks, I plan to redress the balance by going through the letters of the alphabet and sharing some article ideas with you. Don’t ask me what I’m going to come up with for ‘x’ – I’ll get the mind working over a few glass of Baileys over Christmas!


  • A is for Anniversaries: Every day of the year marks the anniversary of an invention which went on to shape our lives today, an historical event, famous person’s birth or death and so on. These can all make fascinating articles for a range of magazines.

    There are lots of websites which feature lists of ‘on this day in history’ so and so was born, such and such first appeared on television and so on. All sorts of interesting and unusual topics and details are covered. You might find something listed triggers off an idea which, together with some extra research, will make for an unusual anniversary piece guaranteed to stand out. Useful websites:

  • B is for books. A lot of magazines and websites invite book reviews from readers. Reviews can often be a way into writing. If you’ve never written one before, the publishing house Scholastic have a brilliant workshop which will take you through all the steps required to make sure your review stands out:

  •  C is for cookery. Cooking and food are big business these days. The newsagents’ shelves are full of magazines on all sorts of aspects of food and food preparation. A lot are open to ideas from writers, with the majority at the very least welcoming readers’ recipes. And don’t feel you’re restricted to the specialist magazines, markets like the Saturday edition of ‘The Guardian’ pay for readers’ recipes and the story behind them. Many of the women’s weeklies do too.


If you still don’t feel inspired, perhaps this lovely Christmas jumper will spark an idea for an article about all the things you love/hate about Christmas!:






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