My Writing Week

Well, things were going quite smoothly this week until my cheekiest rescue cat decided to jump behind the TV and got stuck. After much aggravation, on both parts, he managed to break free, pulling a load of wires with him! So that put paid to internet connection for a while. Thankfully, I’m now connected and back on track.


My market for you this week: TV Magazines

Most of the national newspapers in the Uk give away a free TV magazine every Saturday with their paper so surely people don’t buy them anymore? Wrong. You’ll find several TV magazines at your local newsagents, from the long running TV Times and Radio Times, to TV Choice, What’s on TV, Total TV Guide and others. Each one is packed full of TV news, celebrities, quizzes and questions, as well as a very detailed TV schedule. Most also have a letters page.

 In the majority of TV magazines every letter published receives a small cash payment.

So what is the editor looking for? Letters for the TV magazines haven’t changed much over the years. Essentially they all want your views about anything and everything on TV. If a drama series has moved you with its heart-wrenching subject matter and warm, believable characters, stunning scenery and sheer brilliance, then it will make an ideal letter. On the other hand, if you think one of the soaps’ storylines has got out of hand, it will also make a strong letter. It’s not just the programme editors want to receive letters about; it’s the people in them too.    

As well as the above, the TV magazines sometimes have other mini-slots that they pay for e.g. ‘Rant of the week’ inviting a reader to let off steam about a TV star or programme. It’s a good idea to check the magazine as these slots can change.

Here’s the details for one of the magazines: TV Choice is a weekly publication inviting your views on anything connected to TV.

E-mail your letter to:


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