Top Tip Of The Week

Naughty Numbers!

Last week, it was page numbers and this week, it’s numbers in the body of your work. Are you sometimes unsure whether you should write numbers in word or figures e.g. ‘8’ or ‘eight’?

Generally the numbers one to ten are written in words and those that come after are written in figures. However, publications differ on this so it’s always best to carry out your research thoroughly and to stick to the house style of the market you’re writing for.

Anyway, it’s Friday at last, as this chap has clearly realised 😉



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2 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Kev says:

    I researched this when I was doing my new edited version of Miedo. I found it also depends on where the number is in the sentence. If it begins the sentence between 1-10 are numerals. If it ends the sentence or is in the middle they are written. Personally, who really gives a damn as long as one is consistent and gets the message across clearly? I dunno! 😉

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