An Electrifying Ending!

Last week I started you off with a short story beginning. I hope you found it useful in sowing the seeds of a story in your mind and allowing you to develop it further for yourself. Now here’s an ending (again, as with the ‘blistering’ of last week, ‘electrifying’ is rather an exaggeration but, as you’ve no doubt guessed, I like a little bit of alliteration!) for you:

She didn’t know what would come of that afternoon’s events, or if she had done the right thing, but somehow, she thought she had.        

It’s only the last line of a story but perhaps you’re already thinking about what the ‘afternoon’s events’ could be. Is the character a school girl who’s been bullied and is going to take a stand? Or perhaps her dad’s lost his job and she’s found one for him. The possibilities are endless. Have fun 🙂

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