My Writing Week

A gentle ease-in – or not?!

I’m sure most of you will know just what I mean by it taking a week after a holiday to get back into work mode. Though, work often has other ideas! ‘The Writers Bureau’ is always busy so I have a lot of catching up to do there so no slacking for me.

Re my own writing, I had some good news to come back to with ‘The People’s Friend’ buying another of my children’s stories and a cheque for a readers’ letter. Being away also gave me the space I needed to think about my writing and several exciting ideas have come to mind. So I now need to knuckle down and work on them. 

My market for you this week is a small press publication, for new and established writers, called Awen. It’s a quarterly pamphlet which accepts any genre of fiction up to 500 words and any type of poetry to 40 lines. Payment is in copy only. The editor, David Tyrer prints several other regular publications and has now set up ‘Awen Online’ and other zines. You can send work by post, including an SAE to:

DJ Tyrer

4 Pierrot Steps

71 Kursaal Way




You can find out more information and see examples of published work at:




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