A Dashing Detour to Dorset!

Well, Wales it was supposed to be and Dorset it ended up! We were all set for a few days away in Wales with the family when the weather decided it had other plans. After a night of fierce storms, the cottages where we were due to stay were left without power with at least a week’s wait until the problem could be sorted. I thought that was that but my father was determined we were going to get away. He has some friends in Dorset who own a farm and so we found ourselves in the pretty village of Charlton Hawthorne amongst cows, horses, cats, ducks and chickens!

I’d never been to Dorset before but I will definitely being going back.  From Shaftesbury, with its infamous view from Gold Hill, as featured in the Hovis ad, to the stunning houses of old in Cerne Abbas, to the historical town of Sherborne, I found myself falling in love with the county. I’m sure you can see why:


ImageGold Hill, Shaftesbury



ImageCerne Abbas




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10 Responses to A Dashing Detour to Dorset!

  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    It looks stunning but I wouldn’t fancy that hill in the snow- or with a couple of bags of shopping!

  2. Kev says:

    Beautiful pics! You must be one of my favourite bloggers. I see your avatar pop up in my email and I’m like, oh, it’s Esther! So there you go. You have a fan! lol

  3. How beautiful. And I’m completely jealous. 😉 -RB

  4. Tony says:

    If I want wild countryside scenes, I vote Cornwall as my number one destination but Dorset is also up there for the variety it offers.

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