Holiday Heaven or Holiday Hell?

For those of you living in the UK, you’ll be lucky if you escaped a good soaking this week. The heatwave of the summer seems a little distant but perhaps my writing exercise will help you to find that ray of sunshine:

You have two themes to pick from:

  • Holiday Heaven
  • Holiday Hell

You can choose to write a poem or a short story about a dream holiday. Where you take your reader to and what wondrous images you’ll paint in his mind are up to you. Or the holiday could be a complete disaster, with lost luggage, awful food – the works. I opted for the second choice and gave my poem a humorous slant.


Holiday Hell


Why isn’t it sunny for me in Spain?

Why does it always rain?

Why is the hotel only half built?

Why do the palm trees around me wilt?

Why does my parasol keep falling down?

Why does the handsome waiter look at me and frown?

Why do the mosquitoes bite only me?

Why have I lost all my duty free?

Why is the hotel pool so small?

Why are there cockroaches climbing the wall?

Why is the bath water green?

Why is the toilet the dirtiest I’ve ever seen?

Why can’t I wait to fly home?

Why can’t I have a holiday that doesn’t make me moan?


This chap obviously had the heavenly holiday experience!




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6 Responses to Holiday Heaven or Holiday Hell?

  1. Got to love that photo, regardless of the weather

  2. Kev says:

    I can relate to some of those…not the cat though…life is hard! 😉

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