My Writing Week

Headless Chicken!

This and ‘two steps forward and three steps back’ are words which come to mind this week. As any self-employed person, or most employees for that matter, knows, it’s not easy trying to get up straight when you’re taking a week off. It’s half-term next week and I’ll be away (as will my blog!) in the wilds of Wales, in a gorgeous farm house, cosying round a roaring fire and reading all those books I promised myself I’d read. At the moment next week seems a world away but I’m sure it’ll all come together.

Here’s my market for you this week:

Woman’s Weekly Fiction:

This woman’s weekly invites short stories from published and unpublished writers.  Two stories are featured in each weekly issue, one of 1000 words and one of 2000 words. They also feature serials in the weekly magazine. 

In addition to the weekly publication, there’s a monthly fiction special, packed with 20 stories in each issue.

They publish stories with a romantic theme but they’re also on the look out for fresh, original fiction including humorous stories and ones with a mystery element to them. Although they’re keen to avoid predictable, old-fashioned stories, the stories have a particular feel and style to them so it’s a good idea to study several issues to get a good feel for what they’re looking for. The website will give you an idea of the type of magazine they are and the readership they cater for. You can also find a link to the current fiction guidelines on the homepage:



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