My Writing Week

I don’t know about you, but this time yesterday, the working wasn’t going well and I was ready to a) hurl my laptop across the room b) burst into tears or c) both. Thankfully today things have gone smoothly (so far) and I feel like I’m getting somewhere. 

My market for your this week is for those of you who enjoy writing readers’ letters and for those of you who don’t realise what a great opportunity it can be:

The Sunday People:

This Sunday newspaper has a regular letters page, generally featuring around 15 letters. These all refer back to previous issues published in the paper. The letters are very short. The longest letter in a recent issue was 75 words long and the shortest only 25 words. The star letter pays £25 and all other letters pay £10. 

If you read the letters page carefully, you’ll soon get a feel for the type of letter they like and how to make yours stand out.

Letters can be sent to:


If your week really isn’t going well, you’re clearly not alone:





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