My Writing Week

Patience is a virtue

In my blog, I’ve discussed the importance of sending work out, be it a reader’s letter, an article or short story, and then moving onto the next project rather checking your in-box every hour to see if your piece has been accepted. You could be in for a very long wait and get thoroughly fed up.




Proof that it’s best to work on other writing projects instead of focusing on work sent out showed when I received two cheques for two readers’ letters that I sent off in early June. See if this can work for you with my market for you this week:

That’s Life! letters page:

The magazine has just upped its payment for letters printed to £75 per letter and a ‘not to be sniffed at’ £100 for the letter of the week. The page is full of letters and photos on all sorts of subjects, from family reunions, to funny things children have said, to hilarious photos.

You can find out more information about the magazine from the website:

Letters can be sent by e-mail to:



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