No Helping Paw This Week Part 6/Gentleman Joe Part 1

Introducing Gentleman Joe

Unlike my two cats, Clio and Morris, who regularly ‘help’ me with my writing by playing with my pens, attempting to walk across my laptop keyboard and lying across my carefully printed out work, Joe, up until now, can usually be found hidden away somewhere.

Joe is a rescue cat, with a very sad background story. To cut a long story short, he wasn’t treated very well and so found it difficult to relate to humans. We’ve had him for a year now and he’s gaining in confidence every day. He’s just started joining us downstairs and even comes for a cuddle in the evenings. He’s a real gent; everything about him is soft and gentle. He’ll pad quietly into a room whereas Morris will literally catapult himself through the door and Clio sounds like she’s wearing high heels if we don’t keep her claws clipped.

Today, Joe thought he’d just come to check on my work and then settled himself in the corner of the sofa.




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2 Responses to No Helping Paw This Week Part 6/Gentleman Joe Part 1

  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Bless! He looks a bit like a stray who turned up at my mother’s last year and who she ‘adopted’. Only he wasn’t at all shy, he took over the house from Mum’s 2 other cats and they’re the ones hiding away! At least they were at first. They seem to have pretty much settled down now.

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