My Writing Week

After a bank holiday at the beginning of the week, I keep having to remind myself which day of the week it is. It really feels like a Tuesday but as it’s already Wednesday, my deadlines are looming even closer.

Though, school starts back next week so I should be able to catch up quite quickly. I have to admit I’ve rather enjoyed baking chocolate chip cookies and crafting animal-themed headbands out of pipe cleaners and felt, but blink and it’ll be half-term!




My market for you this week is a quarterly flash fiction competition inviting stories of up to 500 words.  Flash fiction is great fun to write and as it’s short – most competitions range from between 50 – 500 words, it fits in with other writing projects. ‘Flash 500’ has been going for four years and offers good prize money, with £300 awarded to the winning entry.

If you take a look at the website, you’ll see that there are some other exciting competitions to enter:

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2 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    I’ve entered Flash500 a number of times – I got a 3rd place in 2011 and have been shortlisted several times since. What I like most about it is how well organised it is- long and shortlisting notifications are prompt as is the final result- never much longer than 6 weeks after the closing date. I entered a competition which closed at the end of March and the results are still not on their website.

    • I knew it was a very well run competition but not all the details so thank you very much for that Christine. It’s very useful for writers to know this. As you state, so many competitions take a long time to announce the results. Well done on your 3rd place and the shortlisted stories. Go for the win next time! You’re certainly capable of it 🙂

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