Top Tip Of The Week

Dramatic Dialogue

In a short story, you need to hook your reader’s interest straight away. If your opening paragraph is too long or you waffle, you’ll lose his interest. 

Try opening your story with dialogue. It instantly makes your reader feel part of the story and privy to the conversation that’s taking place. Here are a few examples:

  • “I’m not going in there. Not if there are great, big, ferocious tigers,” Gemma cried.

  • “Leave my Mum alone. Get off her!” Jake said, his sweat soaked clothes stuck to his body, his arms and legs thrashing wildly.

  • “I didn’t mean any harm. Honest,” the young boy said, looking up at me through thick lashes, a tear threatening to splash onto his cheek.

  • “I never liked you. Now I loathe you with every fibre of my being,” Mrs Baker said, a sliver of spittle pooling in the corner of her mouth.

See how your interest, as a reader, is piqued, making you want to read on and know more.

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