My Writing Week

As everyone who’s been on holiday knows, it seems to take forever to get back into work mode. So half-way through the week after a short break and I’m getting there – slowly.





Here’s another publication to add to your possible markets to write for:

British newspaper, The Guardian, has a Saturday supplement, titled ‘The Family’. Inside, there are several opportunities for writers to send in pieces for specific slots. The paper pays a small sum if published.

The ‘Snapshot’ slot features a photograph of a family member. The writer then reveals the story behind the photograph. 

Under ‘Playlist’, the writer explains why a certain music track is his/her or a family member’s favourite.




‘We love to eat’ is all about food and details the ingredients for a beloved family recipe. Information about how to make the dish is included here and what it is about it that’s so special.




Most newspapers have letters pages and ‘The Guardian’ is no exception but in the Saturday supplement, they also have a filler slot for ‘A letter to…’. This is usually a letter from the heart and is often from the writer to a family member – a son, daughter, mum, dad etc.

The paper’s website has a section devoted to this supplement where examples of the slots can be found:



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