My Writing Week

School’s Out For Summer!

The school holidays began today and so my day-role for the next six-weeks will no longer be restricted to that of writer, tutor and blogger but will also include the role of children’s entertainer, encompassing board games, battles on the X-Box and baking cookies and cakes. Oh, and not to forget lots of glue and glitter!

Though, my writing day got off to a good start with an e-mail accepting a reader’s letter. So my market for this week is woman’s weekly, ‘My Weekly’ and their letters page, ‘All About You’.


Letters and e-mails from all around the globe are accepted and unlike many letters pages, this one isn’t full of letters relating to previous articles published in the magazine. Therefore, anyone can write in.

A lot of the letters are accompanied by photos. Popular letters and photos feature children, animals, family members from past times and special celebrations. Only a few lines of text are necessary to accompany photos. In a recent issue the longest letter was 45 words and the shortest the grand total of eight words! All letters printed win a cash prize. Contact information can be found on the website:

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2 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Thanks for the info on My Weekly- it certainly sounds worth having a go. I do wonder if the various mags note how often particular ‘readers’ write in. I’ve had one letter published in Take a Break – that was a lucrative few words – £75. That was a while ago so I might do it again!

    • It’s certainly worth sending something. I’ve had several letters published in there this year. When I’m researching markets, I do notice the same names appearing over and over again so I think editors either don’t notice or like to think they have readers regularly writing in! Re ‘Take A Break’ – £75 is not to be sniffed at. Definitely send them another letter! Good luck 🙂

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