My Writing Week

I always seem to be busy but this week I’m very conscious of the school holidays lurking round the corner so my goal is to be as up straight as possible by the end of the week. At the moment, I’m failing miserably đŸ˜¦ Though, I’m sure I always feel the same this time every year and somehow it all seems to come together.

ImageThis week, the market I’m going to focus on is ‘Your Cat‘. As you’ve probably noticed, if you’re a regular follower of my blog, I’m a little bit cat crazy. So for any of you who are like-minded, this is an ideal market for you. It’s a British magazine but one which is happy to receive stories from all over the world.  The magazine uses roughly four true-life stories about cats and their owners in each issue. These cover a range of topics. In a recent issue stories included a cat owner taking her cat on holiday with her, a couple of unusual health stories and the story of a cat owner who is allergic to her own cats.

As well as true-life stories, there are lots of other slots to target offering prizes and gifts. The letters page covers four full pages and there’s a two-page section full of cat photos. Book reviews for books featuring cats are also invited. In the kitten section, there’s a caption competition and various other slots including kitten photos and a ‘Kitten of the Month’ slot.


The website is a little basic but if you click on the current issue, it’ll show you some of the pieces they’re publishing so you can gain a clear idea of just what they’re looking for:


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