It’s A Family Affair!

Being a writing can feel very isolating; this in turn can make us doubt our ability, especially when just starting out, so we sometimes turn to family and friends for support. Perhaps you know someone who’s brilliant at grammar and can check your work through for any obvious errors, which is great or maybe you just want that reassuring hug and to know that your work is good.




But is that such a good idea? Be careful that when (for argument’s sake) your sister tells you that your story is brilliant, the best she’s ever read and how it would give J.K. Rowling a run for her money, she isn’t doing an X-Factor. You know what I mean – you’ve all seen it when the person auditioning comes on stage and says all her friends and family have been telling her what a wonderful singer she is, only for her to caterwaul her way through the song. Her friends and family were clearly just being kind.

Conversely, your sister may slate your story, perhaps coming from a scientific background and be looking at your story in a clinical manner. Her criticism may be completely unfounded and your story may be just what a competition judge or short story editor is looking for.

There is no right or wrong answer here. If you want to share your work with family and friends, do; or if you want to wait until you’ve had something published and show it to them then, that’s fine too. The main thing is to write and to write for yourself, whatever anyone says about your work.


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