Cat Tired!

How’s your Monday going so far? I don’t know if it’s the sweltering weather (yes, the UK is actually in the middle of a heat-wave!) or the exhaustion of watching the Andy Murray Wimbledon final, but my Monday feels a little like this chap’s:


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6 Responses to Cat Tired!

  1. martyfnemec says:

    Congrats on the Andy Murray win. Novak Djokovic is a tough cookie. Expect the Djoker to be even better now that he lost, but I’m glad to see Murray finally win Wimbledon. I’m from the United States, but even I saw how important it was to him. Watching him cry after losing to Roger Federer last year was heart-wrenching. Big win for him and the entire country.


    • Thanks 🙂 I really admire Djokovic as a player so I’m looking forward to seeing him come back stronger. But as you realise, us Brits have been waiting for a British Wimbledon winner for a long time! You’ve hit the nail on the head – it was huge for both player and country.


  2. Esther, what a beautiful cat! I miss not having one.


    • As you’ve probably gathered, I’m cat mad! I knew it was going to be lethal when I started volunteering for Cats Protection and so far have taken in 3. My friends have started calling me crazy cat lady! Though, I think I’ve a way to go before I earn that title 🙂


  3. Kev says:



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