Research, Research, Research!

Yesterday I advised that I was going to start sharing ideas for markets for freelancers. I’ll provide websites whenever possible so you can find out further information.

However, as well as looking up details on a publication’s website, it’s also important to obtain a copy/copies of the magazine. On its website, you can get a good feel for the publication type, its readership etc but not all websites publish examples of the articles, short stories, fillers or letters that are printed in the actual magazine. It’s no use guessing and sending your work off hoping the editors will delight in your offering. Your work needs to fit in with the other pieces in the magazine.

It isn’t always easy to get hold of a magazine. Perhaps you live abroad or in a remote area with little access to the shops. Money also comes into it. Magazines are expensive and most of us haven’t the funds to buy magazine after magazine.

There may be a solution for you. One of my fellow tutors has found that you can now download them onto a smartphone or tablet and also a laptop or desktop computer. He suggests two very good digital magazine distributors – ( and Zinio ( He says you have to set up an account but you don’t have to do this until you decide to buy a publication. He’s found that this has opened up all sorts of publication possibilities to him and the cost of the digital version is often much cheaper than the print version. Furthermore, you don’t have to take out a subscription, you can buy single copies of the magazines.

So this may help you to have access to all sorts of publications you’d never even thought of 🙂


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