My Writing Week

After the thrills of being seated along the start/finish straight at the British Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday, it’s been hard to get into the writing groove this week. My ears have only just stopped ringing from the deafening roar of the cars racing round the track at ridiculous speeds but it’s certainly an experience I’ll always remember. So now, it’s back to reality 😉

A lot of my students struggle to find good markets which accept freelance work so I thought I’d start a new page on my blog, ‘Markets for Freelancers’ and each week, add a new publication. The market I’ve chosen to kick-start this new page is ‘Reader’s Digest’, a long-running and well-known magazine the world over. It’s published in 50 different editions and in 21 languages. It offers writers lots of opportunities, especially in the way of filler slots including readers’ letters about articles published in the magazine, jokes, funny anecdotes, end of article fillers, travel stories and gardening tips. The publication is also open to full length articles but the editor prefers ideas in the first instance. The magazine pays for all filler slots and articles. To find out more, here are some useful websites:

Reader’s Digest UK:

Reader’s Digest USA:

Reader’s Digest Canada:

Reader’s Digest India:

Reader’s Digest Asia:

Reader’s Digest South Africa:



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