Funny Of The Week

We’ve all done it – written a word similar to the one we wanted to write but a word with a very different meaning. I’ve been guilty of writing about a character who was ‘battling through the dessert, his body pushed to breaking point’. Of course, I meant the sandy version i.e. the ‘desert’. The computer ‘helps’ you too; should you type the wrong letter, the computer likes to guess at the word you’re trying to type. I’m sure that’s what happened to me so it’s all the computer’s fault 😉

So when I came across a writer who’d written about a ‘roofless criminal’, I wondered if the criminal actually lived in a house with no roof or was in fact evil personified i.e.’ ruthless’. Further reading proved that he was the latter, having, in fact, several very nice houses, clearly with roofs all thanks to his being such a ‘ruthless’ criminal.  



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