‘Show Me The Money!’

This iconic quote from the film, ‘Jerry Maguire’ could be applied to editors who drag their heels when it comes to paying for published work. A few editors pay on acceptance, though these are few and far between. Most pay 4-6 weeks after publication. Sometimes the editor will require an invoice so check whether one is necessary before worrying about chasing payment.

Either way, make sure you give the editor those 4-6 weeks. If you’re too impatient and keep pestering him, he’ll be reluctant to accept any more of your work.

If, however, you’ve given him the appropriate time and you still haven’t received payment, send a polite e-mail, together with a copy of your invoice, if necessary, asking him if he could please check his records as you’ve not yet received payment and you’re concerned that it’s gone astray. This way, you’re not offending him and the e-mail should elicit a response.

If you still don’t get anywhere, a telephone call is appropriate and often leads to something being done. Again, be polite otherwise it’ll get his back up and he won’t be as responsive.

And don’t give up – I was almost ready to after a two-year battle with a writing magazine and then my check arrived!




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3 Responses to ‘Show Me The Money!’

  1. aaronchenbiz says:

    consistency is the key to anything isn’t it? 😉 great advice

  2. limseemin says:

    Love yr blog very much. Inspire me! Visit mine too! DOn’t forget to follow. Haha 🙂

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