My Writing Week

Book one in my children’s book series has now been edited to within an inch of its life! Though, I have to say, I am finally happy with the end result. My daughter has also finished the cover illustration and it looks fantastic. Only five books in the series to go!

Although I’m immersed in editing fiction books, I’ve found myself thinking about writing some non-fiction books for writers. Over the years I’ve enjoyed writing advice pieces for writing magazines on all sorts of subjects, from copywriting, to humorous writing, to researching markets. It’s always been good to hear from students and fellow writers how useful these have been and so I’d like to develop this idea further.

However, for the time being, I’ll keep jotting ideas down as they come; the children’s books have to take precedence for now, as does the tutoring and my regular commissions. As every writer knows, there aren’t enough hours in the day for writing! I saw this sign today and thought how appropriate it was:


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