Readers’ Letters – A Waste Of Time Or An Excellent Writing Opportunity?

Flick through any magazine and you’re likely to find a letters page. Some letters concern readers’ thoughts about the magazine and articles featured, others tell of amusing anecdotes, together with photos. There are letters which allow readers to let off steam and letters touching on more serious matters. Essentially there are letters about anything and everything.

The good news is that the market for readers’ letters is thriving. Magazines want to hear from their readers and often pay good money or offer a fantastic prize.

Many writers begin lucrative writing careers with readers’ letters. They’re one of the easiest ways to gain publication. Letters are fun and simple to write. Having several readers’ letters published can boost your confidence and give you the impetus to move on to bigger pieces.

But readers’ letters aren’t just for beginners. Once you’re an established writer, letters can slot in well with other projects such as short stories, articles and even a novel. If you’re suffering from writers’ block, writing a few short letters can help the creative juices to flow freely once again and earn some money along the way. Some writers use the money earned from letters to pay for their national insurance contributions or to fund a holiday. You may not want to embark upon a career in writing, but just want to earn some extra money or win some great prizes. Readers’ letters provide an excellent and enjoyable opportunity for this.

So where do you start? Which magazines do you target? All of them! From women’s weeklies, to newspapers, to pets, to hobbies, to computing, to games, most magazines have a letters page and they’re all in need of letters. And once you start writing readers’ letters, you might find you can’t stop. Enjoy your letter writing journey. Good luck.    



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