Going Off At A Tangent…

When you’re working hard on your novel, or writing an article, or short story, do you ever find your mind going off at a tangent, and all sorts of quirky ideas start rushing in? I was writing a short story, which was actually quite serious in nature when, bizarrely, the following children’s tale came into my mind, demanding to be written…


Eddie and Teddy


When Eddie met Teddy, he knew it was love.

And when Teddy met Eddie, he knew it was love, too.

“A toy of my very own!” cried Eddie.

“A cat of my very own!” cried Teddy.

Eddie held Teddy tightly.

And Teddy held Eddie right back.

“Let’s play, Teddy,” said Eddie.

“Yes, let’s, Eddie,” said Teddy.

Eddie and Teddy played together.

Games of chase and catch, games of fling and toss.

Poor Teddy grew so dirty.

But each day Eddie loved Teddy more.

And each day Teddy loved Eddie more, too.

Eddie and Teddy raced round the garden.

Scrambling up trees and climbing high, swinging up and jumping down.

“Let’s roll around, Teddy,” said Eddie.

“Yes, let’s, Eddie,” said Teddy.

Poor Teddy grew so torn.

But each day Eddie loved Teddy more.

And each day Teddy loved Eddie more, too.

Then one day, Eddie couldn’t find Teddy.

He sulked and sobbed. Sobbed and sulked.

How Eddie missed Teddy.

Then one morning, Eddie awoke to find Teddy sitting right there.

“Teddy!” cried Eddie.

“Eddie!” cried Teddy.

Eddie held Teddy tightly.

And Teddy held Eddie right back.

“You’re clean, Teddy,” said Eddie.

“And all sewn up, Eddie,” said Teddy.

Eddie grinned at Teddy.

And Teddy grinned at Eddie, too.

“We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we? Come on, let’s play, Teddy,” said, Eddie.

“Yes, let’s, Eddie,” said Teddy.

Eddie and Teddy. Teddy and Eddie. The best of friends.   


cat and teddy

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Markets For Writers

The Writers Bureau‘s annual short story competition is now open for entries. The closing date is 31st March 2018. Here are the all-important details for you:

Word limit: Up to 2000 words


1st: £300

2nd: £200

3rd: £100

4th: £50

Plus, all winners receive a Writers Bureau Course
of their choice, worth over £374.

Entry fee: £5. For concessions, and how to enter, see the competition page. 



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Funny Of The Week/Amusing Pub Signs Part Two

Have you ever noticed a blackboard outside a pub or restaurant? They usually have something amusing on them. Here’s the first one in my new series and now for the second:

fat 2

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The A-Z Of Writing Ideas – E Is For…

Welcome to the fifth instalment in my latest writing series. Each week, I give you an idea – whether it’s a magazine to write for, a theme for a short story, the opening line of a poem…Here are the first , second , third and fourth in the series.

This week, it’s the fifth part of the series and the letter E‘s turn. And E is for Emergency.

What does the word emergency conjure up for you? An accident? The flashing lights of the emergency services? Getting an anguished phone call from a loved one? Jot down a few ideas. Which one are you drawn to the most? Make some more notes and before you know it, you’ve got a story to write. 

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, here are a few opening lines for you:

  • It was her own fault – she’d yearned for excitement; how she wished she hadn’t.
  • Luke knew he was going to drown; he had seconds left at the most.
  • When Gina heard the siren, she knew exactly what had happened.
  • The woman’s face was screwed up like a wrinkled prune, the eyes puffy from constant tears and her nose spewing trails of snot, though you couldn’t help but feel for her; it wasn’t her fault her son had turned out like he had – was it?



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Guest Writer Spot

It’s good to be back with my first Guest Writer spot for 2018. I’d like to welcome Ana Daksina for the first time. She’s written a tanka. If you like her poem, as I’m sure you will, please visit her blog for more: timelessclassics.wordpress.

One of the Missing


Ana Daksina


Where were you, my love

The night the earth moved under

Our slumbering forms?

How was it to awaken

Already plunging to doom?


you can



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Introducing Atticus’s Secret…

As many of you know, I am a bit of a cat lover and I do some work for Cats Protection, in various ways. A local author,  Jenny Henwood, has just had her first book published. Atticus’s Secret is the first in The Rainbow Riding School children’s book series for children aged 4 years and upwards. The story is about a wonderful group of ponies and all their friends. There’s Ptolemy the wise old owl who provides the moral compass, Ketchup The Cockerel who delights in providing bite size chunks of humour along with Atticus the stable cat. Jenny is kindly donating 50p from each book sold to one of four animal charities; the children decide which charity they would like their 50p to go to. Cats Protection is one of those charities.

Atticus 2


You can buy the book through Amazon:
Here is a little bit about the author:


Author’s Bio

Jenny Henwood is a full time working mum and part time author. Growing up Jenny was lucky enough to go to riding lessons and that is where her passion for ponies began and she dreamed one day of owning her own riding school.  She went to weekly riding lessons and begged her parents for a pony and every year would enter Pony magazine’s Win a Pony competition in the hope of taking a step towards her dream. When Jenny was seven years old she drew a picture of The Rainbow Riding School.  The white distinctive u-shape stable block looks the same today as when she first drew it with the distinctive rainbow arch at the entrance.  Naming all the ponies and their door colours using a DIY store’s paint chart Jenny made up adventures about all the ponies. 

Life, as we all know marches on and as Jenny’s teenage years came and went and her studies took over she had less time for riding. Her life took her down a completely different career path; to college, university where she obtained a first class honours degree and then on into a career in finance and media.  She never did fulfil her dream of one day owning her own riding school but neither, too, did she ever quite forget it. 

It was when her own daughter turned 5 years old and she had the opportunity to take some riding lessons that Jenny began to tell her about her Rainbow Riding School. It was the look of pure joy on her face as she recounted the gentle tales of all the ponies and their friends that really ignited in her the passion to write the stories down.  

Jenny is self-publishing the books (there are currently seven in the first series and plans for a second and third series are already in draft). Jenny has a strong desire to give something back to society so she has chosen four animal charities that complement the characters in her books and 50p of each book sale can be chosen by the reader to go to one of these well deserving charities.

Jenny feels it is a huge privilege to be able to write for children but is acutely aware that with this privilege brings enormous responsibility.  She really hopes that these books will be a wonderful way of bringing back the innocence of stories that Jenny had the pleasure of reading as a child that always seemed full of happy-endings and strong moral guidance.  

Jenny hopes that children will grow to love and care for all the characters in The Rainbow Riding School as much as she does.

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Markets For Writers

My market for your this week is a poetry one. Writing Magazine are celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Frankenstein with their ‘Monsters‘ poetry competition. Here are a few details for you:

Line limit: up to 40 lines


1st: £100

2nd: £50

Both prize winning poems will be published in Writing Magazine.

Entry fee: £5 (£3 for subscribers)

Closing date: 15th march 2018




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